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Welcome to DanRengøring, your supplier of high quality cleaning services in the environment of Greater Copenhagen. We offer cleaning subscriptoins for businesses, private persons and facilities. When you wish to get a free offer for cleaning, please click here.

Professional Personell

We offer our services to both, private persons and businesses. Our fokus is to deliver a high quality services to reasonable prices.

Sold Experience with Cleaning

Our cleaning assistants have a solid experience in the cleaning industry and know their cleaning products down to tiny details in their use.

Eco-friendly cleaning products

If possible, we use swan labeled (svanemærkede) cleaning products, which are the most environmental friendly ones in the industry.

What our customers say:

Excellent cleaning service

Cleaning of Parcel House

"Nice and efficient personell. They did a great job."

- Karen, Dragør

Great cleaning done

Cleaning of whitewashed shower

"We've had Frank from Danrengøring out cleaning our shower today. I am not only surprised, but very surprised. He has done fantastically well.

Our shower had a lot of lime on the tiles and I myself have several times worked on it with scouring powder and steel cleaning products, without that I managed to get it properly cleaned. Now the lime is completely gone and the tilestotally fine and smooth. The rest of the cabin also looks really great. I'm really happy that Frank succeeded to get it done. It shows a high work ethic, he really must have worked extra hard to achieve the result he has achieved. He is a good ambassador for your company. Greet him many times and say thank you.

I have no doubt that I will use you again and I will recommend that to anyone. And no, I'm not Frank or from Danrengøring. I know no one from Danrengøring and have nothing with the company to do, besides that I am a very satisfied customer. (My name is Paul Nolan and live in Virum and work with something completely else)." - Paul N. Brostrøm, Virum

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